A podcast that is needed!

Highly recommended! Love the host and the messages he brings every week! This is a podcast that parents need to hear! Parenting is a journey and we learn as we go, but this podcast will certainly help ease the stresses of parenting. Check it out!

For My Sons @dadpodcaster Danny is filled with advice❤️ thanks, Danny

Danny is filled with great episode discussions, fun, relatable and on my playlist for weekly parenting advice!


I love what Danny’s doing on his podcast! Keep it up!

Just what I needed!

It’s refreshing to hear like minded parents talk about their experiences during these difficult times while managing their careers. Being a parent of two children, it’s encouraging to hear the similar scenarios in For My Sons that all your guests are talking about. Not only do I get to hear other perspectives, but you get positive feedback on how to manage your family, which is priceless!

Outstanding insight

It is so refreshing to hear from peers that are going through similar life experiences as people and parents. Sometimes as parents we feel we are alone on an island or our problems are unique to us and this podcast really shines a light on these issues that everyone faces. Great work Danny, keep it up and thank you!

Insightful and Relatable

Fantastic advice and honest discussions from down to earth parents. Insightful, entertaining and relatable.

Great show, exactly when I needed it

After a crazy year in lockdown with my kids, this podcast has helped me gain better perspective … and has provided tons of great pointers on being a better dad. Keep up the awesomeness!

Open and HONEST!!

Love hearing REAL parents giving their honest advice and perspective on raising children. Always a good listen :)

For My Sons is the real deal!

Such a great show as Danny shares real stuff that parents are facing in raising kids today as well as the struggles that people don't talk about!

Conversational, fun, and informative

I love this podcast. It feels like you’re sitting in a room of friends who are seasoned parents trading stories, it’s so easy and conversational. But there are also so many amazing nuggets of information, advice and different perspectives!

Thankful for Middle Ground

Definitely real parents and real talk. How refreshing! Just finished listening to the interview with John Barrows and was glad to hear to people talk about differing ideas and opinions without losing their minds over politics.

Authentic, grounded, refreshing - front lines advice

I couldn’t stop listening to For My Sons! After starting the first episode I binged every chance I had. What I loved so much about the podcast is how relatable it was for me as a father and a man. The guests are from all walks of life, bringing valuable insight and great perspective for me to use in how I am raising my own kids. Plus, I love the New York vernacular from Danny the host. Fun to listen to. I just want to be his pal! Getting perspective from other real life normal people helps me feel validated and relieved - we are all doing our best, let’s have some laughs and enjoy the parenting ride a little! Looking forward to more episodes and season 2!

Great show, parents listen up!

Gotta keep digging in on this show! It’s super tough parenting today, get in on these discussions!

Real parenting advice

Danny does a great job bringing on people who make parenting very relatable for people in the workforce and how they’ve managed that balance. I especially appreciate the parallels to how sports has impacted other parents on a few episodes as this is something I use with my own kid.

5 Star Reviews Only!

Great concept! Now more than ever this is an opportunity to get perspective about kids and family from real, down to earth parents!

“Father to Be” Getting Parental Insight

Great podcast! As a soon to be Dad it’s been super Helpful listening to people (Dad’s, Mom’s, Parents) giving their input on life and what to expect.

Raw Advice

I’ve listened to each episode so far and some of them even more than once. It’s inspiring to see the diversity in parenting and really just living life and making the best of it! Look forward to many more episodes!

Dad talk

As a new father, it’s a great podcast that I could easily relate to. The real life experiences offer some useful tips, and personal stories also lets me know I’m not doing it wrong.

Best pod ever!

Love the takes on parenting and sales - keep it up !!

Loved this podcast

I listened to the first episode and was hooked. What a treat to hear two of my very good friends discussing how they’ve been raising their boys. After COVID hit it was hard to meet with friends and see everyone’s kids. My heart leaped hearing how they are managing life and parenting here in Long Island. I was so grateful to take some time to listen to them share some great tips and ideas on how to be the best parent you can be.

Real dad talk

As a father of two young children, I’m looking forward to every new episode of For My Sons. This candid content has me engaging parenthood with different perspectives from each guest. It’s refreshing to have a podcast focused on “his” view from home.

Great Content

Even as a non-parent, appreciate the authentic platform to discuss such matters.

Stop clicking your pen

Love the ep with Mike Johnson. Please no more pen clicks very distracting

Very relatable

Love this podcast! It’s really nice to relate to other parents who are going through the same thing.

Like the concept

As a new parent it’s nice to hear about other peoples children and how they make it work during their hectic days

Made with love

Nice job on the concept here. In this day and age it’s nice to see parents that are focused on their children. Keep up the good work!

Talking about things that need to be heard!

Wow! I’m hooked. As someone stepping into the life stages of parenthood - this is exactly what we needed to hear! It’s raw, it’s real, it’s perfect.

Awesome Podcast!

What a great concept. Something real, raw and relevant!

Loved the concept

Great opportunity for people to hear how being a parent has changed their lives. Their thoughts on raising their children with it many joys and challenges. Looking forward to more.

Great Podcast

Well done, it’s a great listen for any parent.